Holiday Travelogue

Julie Valentine


I had done very little travelling until I met up with my Partner Michael in the mid 1980’s.  He had a caravan on Hayling Island off the south coast of England, close to Portsmouth and Southampton, which we used every alternate weekend in the summer and every works’ summer holiday there was.

After about ten years of this, and struggling to maintain not only the house and garden but the caravan and garden, we decided that we would sell the caravan and take holidays abroad, because the world was a smaller place and it was easier to travel to far flung more exotic destinations.

I will try here to write about the places we managed to get to and enjoy together before he died in 2003.

The one place we never reached, although it was booked but eventually cancelled in his last year, was Cyprus.  This is now one place I am going to try to get to, knowing that it is something we wanted to enjoy.

My first blog is going to be our holiday in Croatia in 1996.



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