A Love Poem

A Love Poem




I give myself up to the sweet thought of you and the agony of our separation, In your presence away from the cares of the day, I take pleasure and deep relaxation.

The joy of our love comes back time and again and my heart begins to soften With memories of moments spent with you, which cannot be forgotten.

Erotic thoughts echo through my head of ecstatic fulfilled desire, The infinite, tenderest words that you said, setting my cheeks afire.

The agonised, anguish in my soul when I lament I can’t be with you, Makes me frantic, racked with deepest despair and severs my heart in two.

I cherish the happiness that we share in the hours we spend together, The gratification I feel inside that you’ll possess my soul forever.

There is no reasoning with my heart as I tremble indeed with love, My soul is uplifted; it dances on air as the sun sparkles down from above.

The belief that no longer you feel concern, leaves a bitter taste of despair, But I’m re-assuredly secure in the thought that truly, sincerely you care.

That you so villainously stole my heart only stands to impress upon me My overwhelmingly, compassionate love for you will endure to eternity.

I remain still and pretend not to hear, the thoughts that pervade my mind, The sad sombre notes of their sorry refrain hold me transfixed, transported in time.

My heart flutters so when you’re close by my side as I feel your warm breath on my cheek, I glimpse through my blinking incredulous eye the complete satisfaction I seek.

A madness, confusion of thoughts in my head, leaps out of the dark and the grime, As I gaze to the future and shudder with dread at the changes wrought on me by time.

My wandering thoughts move on again, to the future when we have to part, But deep in my soul, I reflect the refrain that you can’t be dislodged from my heart.

.. oOo ..

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2 thoughts on “A Love Poem

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    1. Darlene, many thanks for your interest and your kind suggestion.

      I will certainly follow this up in the near future. At the moment I am reading a book I was given for Christmas, it is quite old, musty and full of constructive writing ideas which a friend thought would spur me on to write more.


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