Love Letters – 1




Eagle 4 flying

My Dear One,

You are that certain type of person and I enjoy the fair privilege of knowing you. I regard you in very rare distinction and have exceeding difficulty in overcoming my feelings for you but cannot deal with the resistance in my soul. I try to put a screen across my mind to conceal your vision but it creeps around the side of my protection to steal once more into my thoughts.

The matter that I am not quite practised in the art of flirtation is raised in my thoughts, but I strive to suppress all such ideas as I become aware constantly of all my defects which I endeavour to correct when with you.

I lose all presence of mind when you are near and am incapable of putting up any resistance to your charm. What mischance caused us to meet so long ago? I am prostrate away from you but infuriated that I should be so weak, contemptuous that I am unable to bear even a brief separation from you. I am frequently given over to the siege you have on my heart but remain insecure in my belief that you truly hold me in esteem. These thoughts leave me deeply disconsolate as I reflect on your virtues and character, your every exploit and am again rendered weak at the thought of you.

I surrender my mind unconditionally to you and dread that some untimely mishap should keep us apart. Your presence instils in me a certain satisfaction and inner tranquillity as my pursuit for sufficient knowledge and skills in the art of satisfying you are accomplished. I pray that my shortcomings are not so noticeable to you and that my progress and accomplishments are not so tardy or wearisome to make you scornful of me and my personal failings. I am intent that I should grow in your esteem.

Deeply and sincerely do I mourn that every second of the day cannot be spent in your presence, that I merely exist to reflect the moments with you and can only proceed with my stroll through this life in the glorious belief that I am not completely deserted by you that I may witness my fondest hopes of commanding a small space in your heart. It is my proud privilege to know you.

The thought that we may be together again soon is so exciting to me that my chest brims with happiness and enthusiasm and I can wait not a moment longer than is necessary. The slightest delay makes my heart heavy and sink in my chest as I await nervously a sign from you that I may hasten to your side and your delightful presence.



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