Love Letters – 2








How shall I begin? The merest thought of you holds me mesmerised, a single word from you would have me succumbing to your power of me, making me tense and expectant of the pleasures to come.

I am overwhelmed with misery when we are apart. I feel lost, forsaken by everything. I fancy I can gorge myself on you, devour every last morsel so that you become a part of me eternally.

Nothing can distract me from my present miseries. An intolerable weariness overcomes me, I am dispirited away from you, greatly agitated by your absence. I long to clasp you to me, encircle my arms about you, to feel the strength of your limbs against mine, sensuously caress you continually until your body screams for relief.

It seems that providence is bent on persecuting me. I must bear solely the burden of my desire, never to confess to another soul but yours, my overwhelming craving for you, the utter joy of knowing you, the indescribable agony I withstand daily without you.

I beg your forbearance and forgiveness that I may unburden my soul on you, my aspirations to fulfil and satisfy you can be confessed only to you in moments such as this.

My breast heaves with tenderness for you. I sit here motionless, my attention fixed upon you, my mind swirling in a seething torrent of memories and recollections as I strive in panic to drive them from my mind that I may work through the remainder of the day without torment.

My eyes are cast in the direction where the sky is brightest in the hope that the suns rays may warm your heart to me, as my thoughts are plunged yet again into a whirl of conjecture that I am no longer in your mind, replaced by another. I am assailed by suspicions that I have been thrust from you, but I hesitate in this conjecture as you are so kind, so considerate, so generous. A single glance would suffice to reassure me of your concern. I fear that you should hesitate to do me this service. At this thought, I feel a tear trembling in the corner of my eye.

I yearn to kneel at your feet, to take hold of your hands, stroke your hair, to kiss you very gently on the eyelids, to cast off all modesty and offer myself to you, to have you lead me through the sweetest and most magnificent of dreams. It tears my heart in two to suffer these thoughts of you.

I entreat you to permit me to come to you again soon, to bring happiness to my soul, that I may resign myself to my enforced separation from you.


~~~ ~~~ ~~~

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