My Daughter’s Neck

Julie Valentine

March 1985


Oh, how many times have you heard a child say ‘that just isn’t fair’ ?

Sue 19860001

My Daughter’s Neck

I’ve just seen my daughter’s neck, a modern shade of grey Or is it black & white this year, it’s difficult to say.

Certainly it’s not the shade I’d want her neck to be, Her hair is long you know, her neck is difficult to see.

The flannel’s dry, devoid of water, soap is on the plate. The bathroom is a place my daughter has begun to hate.

She rushes in when day is dawning, turns the taps on full. Spends the next five minutes yawning, then goes off to school.

Hope her teacher doesn’t see it underneath her hair, I would get the blame of course, and ‘that just isn’t fair’.

She and I must have a natter, I’ll try to keep it light. I know she’ll say ‘it doesn’t matter’ and perhaps she’s right.

After all, it is her neck, black, white, pink or grey. So who’s bothered, what the heck, who am I to say?


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