Every Day Of The Week

A little humour to lighten the mood.


I wrote this some while after I got divorced and I had started to come out of the depression I had experienced. Life becomes easier once the mind can get itself to accept that things are going to improve with time.

About this time I returned to music, the love of my life in which I had not been able to participate for a number of years. It certainly cheered me to get back into the swing again.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~


Julie Valentine

June 1985




I wake up Monday morning with a migraine in my head and as I can’t stop yawning, I go straight back to bed.

I wake up Tuesday morning and throw the curtains wide, a bright new day is dawning as I look around with pride.

I wake up Wednesday morning but don’t know what to wear, I think I’ll be a nudist and walk around quite bare.

I wake up Thursday morning not sure what to do, and as the sun shines bright again, I set off to the zoo.

I wake up Friday morning but as I’ve got no money, I have a bath and wash my hair, then eat some bread and honey.

I wake up on a Saturday when it isn’t very light, so when I put the lights on I know that it’s still night.

I wake up Sunday morning and have a happy day, but when the evening comes again I go to bed and pray

I wake up in the morning.

.. oOo ..


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