I’ve Dared To Hope




~~~   ~~~   ~~~9021

~~~   ~~~   ~~~

I’ve dared to hope two years or more, that you would show you care, Whenever I am near to you I’m teased beyond despair.

I’ve dropped a subtle hint or two (and blatant), but time is passing by, so I’m writing to ask you out one night, as face to face I’m shy.

Please let me know when next we meet, or ring and tell me so, but if you do not fancy me, then you don’t have to go.

The only thing I beg of you, is keep this to your chest, I do not want to cause a row, you must agree that’s best.

I need someone to cuddle me and sit me on their knee, to ring me up from time to time, to know they think of me.

I hope that I’ll be in your mind, now you know how I feel. I’ve noticed you’re extremely kind, you almost seem unreal.

Let me have soon, dearest heart, an answer to my prayer, for only you can fill the part, there’s no-one to compare.

Silence on the way I feel, just makes me sad and blue, but ne’er a word will pass my lips I leave it up to you.

.. oOo ..


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