Oh Terry Wogan



This was sent to BBC Radio One and was read out on the Terry Wogan early morning show on which Terry played requests for the audience. We listened to the show every weekday morning as I drove my kids to school. I guessed it would be difficult for a request to be picked out from the hundreds that were sent in, so wrote this in large letters on a shocking pink piece of card.

He played the request.  Thanks Terry.


Sues’ Birthday at St Annes Convent School.

Oh Terry Wogan !

~~~   ~~~   ~~~

Ars so, Ar soh, Ah so

Most honourable daughter now reach reputable age of five and ten years on 9th of month of October in year of computer, 1984.

Greetings are being sent through your most esteemed person to second daughter Susan from her geriatric maternal parent and elder sibling.

Most honourable daughter greet world at 7.10 and leave humble residence at 7.50 for unreasonable education at Convent of St Anne in Ealing.

Greetings to long suffering teachers and friends of second daughter in fifth year of this establishment.

So ah, soh ar, so ars

Most Dishonourable Parent.


Go To:  Mum’s Pet Hate – https://julievparsons.wordpress.com/my-poetry-2/mums-pet-hate/


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