Aug 2015


PROJECT    :     Turn on the radio and write 300 (+/-) words based on the first 5 words you hear.



Now what could it be that the England Ladies have won?

My first thought is that they have won the competition run every year between the England Men’s and Ladies Hockey team, to dribble an ostrich egg from one corner flag to the one diametrically opposite, passing the egg to each member of their team during the course of the race, and of course, without breaking the egg and then boiling it to make an egg sandwich for the team at the end of the race. This race was first introduced at Cambridge University in the early days of women graduates and was later taken up by the England Teams.

Now, everyone knows that an ostrich egg is quite large, is egg shaped and difficult to control on grass and is quite hard shelled so should be difficult to break.

Men are known to be good at flicking the hockey ball past an opponent, but are not known for being particularly good at boiling an ostrich egg.

Women, on the other hand, are used to handling situations very gently in order not to cause an outburst or violent re-actions and know that an ostrich egg should be boiled for about 45 minutes to produce a semi soft boiled egg suitable for making moist sandwiches.

It would certainly be an interesting match to watch, but somehow I don’t think that this part of the statement refers to dribbling an ostrich egg or indeed making an ostrich egg sandwich.

ostrich and hen's eggOstrich & hen’s egg

So, thinking on …..

It must be Frog Racing ! I have attended and participated in many raucous evenings of frog racing in which England’s men and ladies have participated on equal terms, but not necessarily in teams, and I have lost a lot of money in doing so.

The first time, all participants had to meet in Cranford Park, west London, late evening before the race, to catch the frogs. Wellington boots, torches and, of course, a safe container to hold the frogs until the time of the race were required. The RSPCA were in attendance to supervise the catching, keeping and racing of the frogs with the provision of a few tasty worms and some water for their comforts.

No frogs were found, of course, but the race night was not cancelled with alternative frogs being provided by the organisers.


These frogs were made of mdf with a hole drilled through their heads through which a length of sturdy string was threaded. Chairs were set for the contestants to sit and the other end of the string was secured to a firm fixing at the other end of the room. The aim was to manipulate the mdf frog along the length of the string and get it first over the finish line. There were six frogs in all.

With betting on the frogs, there was always a lot of shouting for each contestant. The winner was presented with a pottery model of a frog as a constant reminder of the evening.

I’m sure it is the time of year for this competition which raises money for charity, so I must check the local paper this week to see if my assumptions are correct.


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