Ebb & Flow

What Will I Be Three Years From Now ?


28 September 2013

old lady on step

Time is now passing faster than ever it has done for me.  In three years’ time I will be 70 years old.  Many years older than I expected to be in my life.

Will I still be alive?  Oh yes, I desperately hope so, I have so much to catch up with.

My early life was lonely, my middle life was fun, busy, mad, full and I learned what love was.  I visited many places in the world I could only dream of without having someone to share them with, my older life is not something I wish to look back on and remember.

Latterly I have been lonely, solitary and my life sometimes frightening, but in many ways very rewarding.  A self-reliance grows within and makes decision making easier even though there is only one person to talk it over with, myself. If I am still unsure I can always flip my two-headed penny.

As my life now ebbs away with the waxing and waning of the moon and the days that seem to pass in the blinking of an eye, I can look back and consider those things I have achieved, small or large, but achievements just the same.

No, I don’t have letters after my name, I am just a plain Ms (divorced), I have no qualifications to speak of except those of life.  The University of Life is a hard place to study sometimes and there are always lessons to be learned, remembered, and if possible shared.  One such lesson is that life is something to be cherished.  The second, that, to always get the best out of it requires hard work.

When I am 70 years old, I must remember to smile at people, greet them with a cheery word or two, help whomsoever I can, younger or older than me, and always be grateful for any little kindness shown me.  From me will flow goodwill and happiness, till the end of my days.

Perhaps, now is a good time to start brushing up my techniques, I think I am a little out of practice.  If you see me coming towards you down the street and I am smiling and muttering to myself, you will know I am just trying to remember what I should be saying to you as we pass.

I have to be back in the home by 5.30pm for my evening meal and lights out, but don’t worry, I’ve got i-pads, or is it i-pods, so that I can watch the ‘X’ Factor when I am tucked up in bed.  At least I think it’s the ‘X’ Factor, but it’s sometimes on quite late and I’m never sure what the ‘X’ stands for, but it’s good fun to watch and makes me smile. I think it brings back memories.

.. oOo ..

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