Normal Sunday Morning

Normal Sunday Morning

Julie Valentine

May 2015

(An exercise in writing dialogue – any content but not mentioning any names or the sex of the speaker)

Julies left hand Jan 09


‘That was a big yawn! Does that mean you’re awake now, or are yer gonna turn round and go back to sleep?’

‘Nah, I think I can stay awake, the birds have stopped chirping so it must be time for breakfast.’

‘Yeah, I was just thinkin’ that, I’m starving. Shall we eat in this morning, or go owt? I like it when we go owt for breakfast on a Sunday morning.’

‘Right, then owt we shall go, decide where you wanna go an’ I’ll be back in a minute, must tidy meself up a bit in case we bump into friends.’

‘…Oh wot a beautiful mornin’, oh wot a beautiful day, oh wot a wonderful feelin’, everythin’s goin’ my way…’

‘Mmmm, you sound ‘appy this mornin’, any particular reason you’re singin’ that song?’

‘Yes, it’s my birthday, o’ course, and thank you for the wonderful treats you’ve brought me, I particularly like the little mouse. I shall enjoy nibblin’, I might even share with yer if you’re especially nice to me.’

‘Aw, Happy Birthday Darlin’, hope yer ‘ave a lovely day an’ enjoy yer treats……. Are yer ready to go?’

‘Shall we decide where we’re goin’ first?

‘OK, but I’m starving as well, I could eat an ‘orse.’

‘Hahahahaha, I ‘ope yer don’t mean that literally. Per’aps we should go t’ MacDonalds then.’

‘Oh no, I didn’t mean it literally, just that I’m very, very ‘ungry. I was late in last night and me dinner had been put in the bin to teach me a lesson. Some people are so cruel, just because I had a night owt on the tiles.’

‘Well that serves yer right, I enjoyed me supper last night. That’s probably why you’re so tired now. …… Come on let’s go see what we can find, we could drop by the cafe on the corner first, to see what’s on the menu there today.’

‘OK, a little bit of exercise before eating will probably do me the world o’ good but can’t go jumpin’ no walls today. Left foot forward an’ don’t trip over.’

‘Off we go then, I hate being first owt the door, never know what’s on the other side. Just wish it had a winda, would know if it was raining as well.’

‘Put yer collar straight and yer socks don’t look very clean, surely you’re not going owt like that?’

‘Yes I am, if you don’t wanna go first I will ……. Catch me if you can!’

‘Hey! …….. Wait for me! …….. It’s my birthday!’

With that, the cat-door clicked it’s electronic catch to open and all that could be seen was a dirty white tip on the end of a long black tail disappearing into the unknown.

— oOo —

450 words


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