They Met In An Embrace

Julie Valentine

29 January 2015

blaack man white woman0001

Write 500 words on the picture provided.


– oOo –

She had run toward him and they met in an embrace, her left leg not having reached the ground before she flung herself eagerly into his strong arms so lovingly wrapped round her.

Their meeting place was waste ground, overlooked by flats and offices being overgrown with wild grasses almost waist high, but there was some cleared ground which had been well trodden and was a casual meeting place for young and old wanting some peaceful solace in their overcrowded neighbourhood.

It was to be their last meeting for some considerable time as he was due to fly back to his family for his annual trip home and she was preparing to take a new job in New York.

The sky was grey and heavy with cloud, and their meeting had to be brief, but was all the more treasured.

They had first met in a seedy Cuban nightclub in the back streets of town, where he played cornet in a musical trio and she danced with a partner and set the audiences alight with her erotic performances.

Her parents had been disappointed that she had chosen to go ‘see the world’ instead of staying near home, but her mind was set on bigger things and now her life was soon about to move on. She was leaving to join a New York show opening in three months’ time.    Her flight left in four hours.  Just enough time to say goodbye until we meet again to her first and only love.

She arrived in New York and her life truly changed. Rehearsals, sleeping, sore limbs, more rehearsals, costume fittings, taxis, clothes shopping, more rehearsals, she could have been anywhere, there was no time left to wander the parks and streets of New York, to ride the subways, listen to the music.  She was too exhausted.

He, enjoyed the annual visit with his family, there was always music at his house and in the many clubs round where he lived so it was not unusual for him to be asked to join with bands or groups of musicians in a jamming session.  He always loved these and it was a great opportunity to catch up with what was new in the music world.  So when one band invited him to join them in New York, he didn’t even hesitate.

He knew her show was due to open the day after he arrived and the Band leader had managed to get him a stage door pass for opening night.

He dressed in his best, bought the biggest bouquet of red roses he could find, left them at the stage door to be delivered to her and went through to enjoy the show.

What a reunion they had.  She hadn’t known he was there until she saw him waiting.  She had run toward him and they met in an embrace, her left leg not having reached the ground before she flung herself eagerly into his strong arms so lovingly wrapped round her.

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