Tooth Fairy Poems

Julie Valentine

A selection of poems written for my Grandson, Bradley, when his milk teeth started to fall out. A frightening time for a child, but made easier by finding the money left by the fairy who collects the teeth for the Fairy Queen and the little poem it is wrapped in.

The First Lost Tooth and other poems for subsequent lost teeth, mentioning things that interested him at the time the tooth was lost.

.. oOo ..

First Tooth Fairy


Bradley dear, To tell the truth

I’ve come to get your first lost tooth.

Under the pillow I have to look

Then write it in my fairy book.

A single Bradley tooth I’ve found

So I have left you five whole pounds (£5)

I leave this note to wish you well

From Fairy Anne of Fairy Dell

.. oOo ..

Fairy 2


Fairies have to work, you know.

They collect old teeth so new can grow.

I hope I didn’t make a sound

When I swapped your tooth for a pound (£1)

Fairy Zen is here tonight

But finds your light is very bright.


Good luck with your new tooth

.. oOo ..



A tooth, a tooth, oh this is fun !

I only need another one

Then I can go home for some tea

And have a game on my new Wii.

Under the pillow teeth are found

So I took yours and left a pound (£1)

Your new tooth will soon be seen

So please make sure you keep it clean.

Lots of love from Fairy Wink

Who always wears a dress of pink.


.. oOo ..



Teeth are always falling out

Of this, there can be no doubt

So, there’s no need for you to sob,

It means the Fairies have a job.

They take the tooth without a sound

And leave instead a whole new pound (£1)

Fairy Jen is back on duty

And thinks your tooth a real beauty.

Hope it doesn’t take too long

For your new tooth to come along.

Good Wishes from the Fairy Dell

Next door to the Wishing Well


.. oOo ..



Hello my dear, I’m Fairy Truth

Collector of your missing tooth.

But the little tooth I could not see,

It was hiding underneath your knee.

I don’t know what you do in bed

Old teeth should go beneath your head.

But never mind, I’ve got it safe

So in me, please put your faith.

I’ll pass it to the Fairy Queen

The shiniest tooth I’ve ever seen.


.. oOo ..



Tonight I’ve had things on my mind.

Yours is the last tooth I must find.

The Fairy Queen was on the train,

But then we had strong wind and rain.

The train broke down, But you can guess,

Yes, Thomas sorted out the mess.

He hooked up wagons in a row

And took them carefully in tow.

With Fairy Dust to help him fly

He took right off into the sky

Now all the teeth are shining bright

Just like the moon and stars at night.


.. oOo ..



Quietly hovering overhead

I watched you sleeping in your bed.

I’ve come to get your little tooth

My name ? Oh yes, it’s Fairy Ruth

I’d sing to you a Fairy song

But Bradley, I don’t have that long

I’ve got your tooth and now instead

A pound (£1) is underneath your head

Sleep on my sweet, keep closed your eye

I’m riding on a Dragonfly.


.. oOo ..



I see that you have a scooter,

But it hasn’t got a hooter

So you must scoot with greatest care

And make sure proper shoes you wear.

But I’ve come for your tooth today

To take it off and far away.

All teeth go to Fairyland

That I have carried in my hand.

This hand belongs to Fairy Ben

Who lives on Toadstool No. 10.


.. oOo ..



It was very funny,

I thought I saw a furry bunny.

I looked again and there were two.

I guess they both belong to you.

But I could not stop to play,

as I have lots to do today.

I’ve left a pound (£1) for you my love,

And sign my name…

I’m Fairy Dove


.. oOo ..



Another tooth has fallen out

I’m here and there and round about.

But this tooth will not be the last

As yours are falling very fast.

In your garden I have been ….

Jumping on the trampoline.

I really did enjoy my play,

But it’s back to work for Fairy Kay.

(Nearly forgot, I hope you found the pound)


.. oOo ..


Hello Bradley

Football is your game I hear,

And that in goal you play.

I would like to come and cheer

On my next holiday.

The tooth you lost, I have now found

So I have left another pound (£1)

Lots of Love from Fairy Mel

Whose job it is to ring the bell.


.. oOo ..


Oh my Goodness !!

Teeth, Teeth, Bradley’s Teeth

His Pillow they are underneath.

Every time a tooth is found

Fairies have to leave a pound (£1)

I must now be on my way

But I’ll come back another day.

Remember me, a Fairy Chief

As I collect all special teeth.


.. oOo ..



To find a tooth that has fallen out,

I looked here and there and roundabout

‘Cos I’d been told to look for two,

And Guess What?

No. 2 was in your shoe.

How it got there I don ‘t know

But now they are safe with Fairy Beau.

Sweet dreams my sweet, I wish you well

To Fairyland I fly, to tell

The Fairy Queen I found both teeth

and left you in your gentle sleep.


.. oOo ..



Bradley Dear

Just flown in to have a peek

beneath your pillow, as you sleep.

You look so peaceful lying there,

But I mustn’t stop to stare.

Your tooth’s been found by Fairy Pop

So on my travels I must now hop.

I might come back another day

if I am around this way.

I’ve left £1 beneath your head,

beneath the pillow on your bed.


.. oOo ..


Eagle 4 flying


Gosh, it’s cold outside tonight,

even the moon is not so bright.

You can’t have many teeth to fall

Cos I notice you are getting tall.

Two old cats were on your bed,

They said to look beneath your head.

I found a tooth that was very worn

That tooth was found by Fair Dawn.

Fairy Dawn likes to watch the sun

rise in the sky when night is done.

Your tooth is now quite safe with me

and a £1 coin you will see.

so Best Wishes as my work is done.


.. oOo ..


Blue moon

Bradley my sweet,

The only sound that I can hear

is a little whistle in my ear.

It’s coming from your mouth no doubt

through the gap where your tooth fell out.

I can just see your new tooth there

and your old one lying on the chair.

Just so you know Fair Thyme has got it

and left a £1 in your pocket.

Don’t forget to clean your teeth

on the top and underneath.

Sweet dreams my lovely.

Fairy Thyme’s now on her way.

She might come back another day.


..oOo ..


When my grandson lost his first tooth he could not quite read and my daughter said it was so moving to see the excitement in his face when he came running into her bedroom in his PJ’s, waving the little rhyme for her to read and to have him cuddling up next to her whilst she read to him.

Then she looked at the clock……..

I hope you have enjoyed these little rhymes as much as my daughter and grandson have. I haven’t been told yet that he doesn’t believe in fairies, but I hope that we managed to capture some of the magic that fairies scatter in the dust they sprinkle each time they brush past us.

.. oOo ..

To those of you who have reached this point and are reading this, I do so hope you have enjoyed the rhymes. If you have, please feel free to leave a comment, it would be appreciated.

Thank you


To : A Dragon’s Tale


29 thoughts on “                                               Tooth Fairy Poems

  1. These are beautiful.
    I have been searching the net for inspiration to write a letter for my daughter (5yrs), who is yet to lose a tooth, but has had her faith in the tooth fairy crushed by an older child 😦
    Ignorance is bliss, we have only 1 childhood & I hope the letter she finds tomorrow morning will help her to believe again.

    Thank you for your words. Your grandson is a lucky kid.

    1. Hey Nellie, I’m so glad my little poems helped you find some words for your daughter. I know my two daughters treasured the little rhymes and when my youngest asked me to write something for her son, I can’t tell you how it made me feel. The Tooth Fairies are magical creatures and very special. I hope your daughter is touched by some of their magic fairy dust as well. My daughter has saved the little letters in my grandson’s Memories Book so they can’t get lost. Let’s hope he carries on the tradition as you are doing with your daughter. You were obviously touched by the fairy magic as a child. Enjoy your children, and thank you so much for taking the time to comment.

  2. These were beautiful poems & made me smile what a lucky grandson to have such a wonderful has given me inspiration to try & write for my son ,thank you.x

    1. Hello Julie, so glad you were inspired by my poems and I hope you enjoy writing for your own son. I’m sure you will give him fond memories of the tooth fairies for when he is older and indeed has children of his own. Thank you so much for taking time to comment. Hugz x

  3. Thank you for these poems… I was looking for ideas for my daughter ‘tooth fairy’ & these poems are a great inspiration. I’m sure your grandson is happy & proud…
    Take care

  4. I couldn’t find better words that expressed the joy, excitement and surprise today in my son, my wife, parents, brother…….. first tooth loss. I seek your permission to share this with him and all like me who are not gifted like you with the gems of word.

    Kolkata, India

  5. these are so beautiful and touching,and what a talented lady you are. We always sent letters from JUANITA(one eater)when ours were little. These are the magical things children remember when they are older.

  6. Many thanks for taking the time to comment Kas, I’m so glad you enjoyed the poems. As you say, whatever age a child is, memories such as these are magical and priceless to a child.
    Regards, Julie

  7. Was running out of ideas for my fairy poems, after 5lost teeth it becomes a real challenge to draft a new porm, delighted to find yours fit inspiration , really captures the magic of imagination

  8. Hi Lynda, so glad my poems were of help to you. It’s much easier once you have an idea, to write a little rhyme of your own. My daughter helped me out with ideas of what his interests were as more teeth fell out so it wasn’t too difficult.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know how much you enjoyed and were inspired by my poems.
    I’m sure your poems will be treasured. Do keep them all safe.

  9. Oh Julie what lovely rhymes! I have used one for my little girl, 6 years old and just losing her first tooth, I will be sure to tell all my friends about your beautiful writing.
    with Love

    1. So glad you enjoyed the Tooth Fairy rhymes and that your daughter has had the opportunity to have the fairy dust sprinkled on her lost tooth. Do keep the magic flowing for her.
      Hugs Julie

  10. OH! What a wonderful thing to do. He will always remember these. They are just to wonderful. You are so talented. I enjoyed each and every one. You surely needed to have them bound and then give them all to him. What a legacy he can pass down. Thank you so much for sharing these delightful poems. Your grandson is very lucky to have a grandmother like you! Hugs!

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, I am so glad you found the rhymes and enjoyed reading them. I am considering getting them published at some point in the future and hope that others get the opportunity to enjoy also.

      I greatly appreciate you taking the time to message me, it gives me great pleasure to know that others believe in tooth fairies and that they can still give their children so much joy and magic.

      Thank you again.

      Sm;(es !

  11. Very nice little poems! Now I have to decide which one to use for my grandson that lost his two bottom front teeth last night. I can’t wait till he wakes up and finds the poem and money from his fairy!! Thank you so much for sharing these poems!!

    1. Faye thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I’m so pleased you found my poems and do hope your grandson enjoyed them.

      Sorry it took me a while to get back to you, I’ve had a couple of operations on my eyes and have been off the computer.

      Thanks again and take care, brand children are so precious.

      Hugz Julz

  12. Two at the same time, my goodness. Perhaps I should write another poem to cover that event.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment, it is greatly appreciated.

  13. Amazing poems, you are so talented. Am printing another right now – but alas my daughter swallowed her tooth yet again! So have had to add a verse! Thank you so much x

    1. Oh dear, sorry but this so made me smile, to swallow a tooth once is not uncommon but to do it twice … Is she going for a record?
      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, so glad you enjoyed.
      Hugs x

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